No more please, this is poisoning my brain and you are destroying my soul, why would you say “maybe one day we could try again” and then literally moments later, a picture is uploaded of the both of you making out… I don’t need this mind fuck in my life, I just want things to be beautiful again, but you really did fuck me over hardcore, I came apologized to you even though I never did anything wrong, it was you, you cheated on me, you never even gave me the decency to break it off with me and instead I had to hear it from your guitarist in your band, I tried messaging you so we could talk about it, like two grown ups, instead you ignored me and made me feel like I was a stupid novelty stripper girlfriend whose novelty had just warn off and instead of giving me the common courtesy that any human being deserves by breaking up with me face to face, you go off radar completely, leave me to worry for 6 days as you reply to nothing from me, blatantly ignoring me until I get this piss weak excuse for a conversation about you needing space or some random bullshit… so I waited while you had your “space” and I waited twiddling my thumbs… and then I hear you have a new girlfriend… I was crushed, destroyed, felt worthless, I tried discussing it with but not all ignoring me… I attend your EP ;launch recently and had a very good time, you played amazing as you guys always do, and the other bands were just always fantastic, the next day I message you apologizing for “being a cunt” like I said and I hoped you were well and said it was all water under the bridge for me, and you have the fucking balls to reply with 
"I reall appreciate it, I want to be friends with you Hayley. I think you are an amazing person. Maybe one day we can try again, but I do want your friendship" WHAT THE ACTUAL CUNTING FUCK IS THAT…how fucking dare you pull this shit on me for the past fucking month, and you say that, as if you are assuming I am still head over heals for you… WELL I FUCKING AM I hate it I hate you, and it was the god damn fucking Icing on the shit storm of a cake when your girlfriend uploaded a stupid picture of you both making out  on instagram… yeah because it appears we have mutual friends you MORON, like I can’t see the stuff they love and write on…. URGH this is infuriating, so you say you want to maybe one day try again with me, while you have your tongue down another girls throat at as it appears you were writing to me the same time you were kissing her… you really are a mind fuck and i detest that I still like you, I feel sick… I feel used and destroyed, but like fuck I am ever going to cry for you again… NO MORE, I will not be your fall back girl, I will not be chosen second over anyone, and like hell am I going to let you mess with my mind, I want to watch my world burn…. you even had the balls to ask for the money I owe you after I tried but was ignored every time in my advances of attempting to catch up and give it to you, but no now you want it… well you can wait cunt, I have shit I need money for and your debt is the least my problems right now as I basically don’t actually need to pay you at all, and it might have been nice if you know you fucking apologized for what you put me through, I cried for two days straight for you, I was found by another girl curled in a ball at work shaking as I cried for you, I had to leave two hours early because I couldn’t physically bring myself to move, it was the most devastating and self esteem destroying moment of my entire life, and you have the balls to say maybe we can fucking try again

WELL FUCK YOU CUNT…. I wait for not one

Rant fin